Polyurethane-Based, Two-Component, Surface-Tolerant Undercoating.

Product Definition:

CK PRIMER PUR 2K, is a polyurethane-based, two-component, solvent-free undercoating material developed to be used for preparation of the application surface. Specially designed for humid or wet concrete surfaces (poured at least 7 days ago). Fast curing and toxic substance-free. Solvent-free (zero VOC/Volatile Organic Components).

Areas of Application:

Used for metal surfaces, galvanized metal, aluminum, marble, Plastered and coated surfaces, Wooden surfaces, General use, Strengthening the adhesion between layers in applications for other products, Application environments with insufficient ventilation conditions, Bitumen and asphalt based membranes, Non-polyurethane-based systems such as acrylic paints, All concrete surfaces.


Perfectly adhesive to almost all types of surfaces. Solvent-free: Suitable for outdoor applications. Curable on humid/wet concrete and in low temperature. High hydrophobic characteristics. Effective as watertightness material when processed with mineral fillings. Used as filling and geotextile adhesive.