To train high-potential human resources who are compatible with our company culture, energetic, believe in teamwork, competent in their field, suitable for leadership,

Aiming for the development of our employees in all areas with development-oriented training practices and competitive development opportunities,

To create a peaceful, fair and transparent workplace that follows the career development of our employees and encourages an environment of high efficiency and team spirit.

We care about the contribution of each of our employees to Caran Kimya's success journey and we share their success as if it were our own. Aware that tomorrow's leaders are raised among today's employees,

we call it as a privilidge to be a part of Caran and the Caran World.

Caran World

Becoming part of a team spirit

Capturing the dynamic energy of teamwork,

Being a part of sustainable production with innovative solutions,

To make a difference with leading managers in their field,

Being part of the global world,

and it means much more…

The foundation of a strong "tomorrow" lies in a strong "now".

With this awareness, as Caran Kimya, we are proud of the differences made by our employees in all of our production, management, marketing, sales and operation processes, and we believe that each of them will be the leaders of tomorrow in their own fields.

How to Apply?

To become a member of Caran, you can send your CV along with a cover letter to ik@carankimya.com. Your applications are evaluated fairly and without privilege for positions that suit your qualifications and competencies.

What awaits you during the recruitment process?

We select and place candidates who have the competencies of the job and who will embrace our company's values and culture in an impartial evaluation environment.


If you submit the form, you are deemed to have accepted KVKK.